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Birmingham Superprix

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Track Map
Location Birmingham
Island Circuit course length 3.800 km (2.470 mi)
Major events British Touring Car Championship
Race lap record 1:32.114 (Lorenzo Turri, Blend 37 Williams Renault, 1998, BTCC)


The Birmingham SuperPrix circuit was laid down on public roads, just to the south of Birmingham City Centre. Slightly unusually the circuit ran anticlockwise. The start-finish straight was in the southbound lane of Bristol Street, the A38 road. The pit area was located on the forecourt of the Bristol Street Motors Ford dealership, with garaging for teams and cars housed in a multi-storey car park adjacent.

From this area the circuit headed south to cross the southern portion of Birmingham's ring road, the A4540 road, before it turned left and then headed east on a minor collector road. After approximately 180 metres cars took the southern part of the Belgrave Interchange roundabout as a right-left-right chicane, before following the slip road to drop down on to the south side (normally westbound lane) of the A4540 Belgrave Middleway dual carriageway. This continued as an undulating and slightly curved straight for around 650 metres until the cars arrived at the Haden Circus roundabout, named Halfords Corner after the title sponsor. Here, a large proportion of the centre of the roundabout island had been flattened and surfaced with tarmac forming a broad pan, reducing the radius of the hairpin corner significantly, but the slightly dished profile of the roundabout itself remained resulting in a significant hump as cars entered the corner's braking zone.

Following the hairpin, cars raced back along the opposite, northern side of Belgrave Middleway and took a sharp left-right kink up the opposing slip road that returned them to the interchange roundabout. Here, the roundabout entry and exit formed a double-apex right hand corner on to the much narrower Sherlock Street straight, an ordinary urban street that took competitors back toward the city centre. This continued for a little over half a kilometre to an open, fast, left hand bend on to Pershore Street. This short, 190 metre straight led to a tight, 90 degree left hand corner on to Bromsgrove Street. This corner was the scene of the infamous jam during the 1988 F3000 race when three cars collided at the corner and could not be cleared before the leaders reappeared behind them, causing the race to be stopped.

Bromsgrove Street straight then headed southwest for approximately 370 metres to a slight right hand kink into a narrow bridge across a pedestrian underpass, which then emerged through a tight left turn immediately back on to the broad expanse of the Bristol Street start-finish straight.

Complete BTCC results[]

Year Race Winning driver Winning team Report
1991 Race 14 Flag of Belgium.webp Roy Cop Nissan Janspeed Racing Report
Race 15 UK Flag.webp Mike Bell ACE Motorsport
1998 Sprint Italy Flag.webp Lorenzo Turri Blend 37 Williams Renault Report
Feature Italy Flag.webp Lorenzo Turri Blend 37 Williams Renault