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Brands Hatch

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Indy Circuit
Grand Prix Circuit
Location Brands Hatch
Indy circuit course length 1.929 km (1.198 mi)
Grand Prix circuit course length 3.908 km (2.433 mi)
Major events British Touring Car Championship
Race lap record 46.491 (Lorenzo Turri, Vauxhall Sport and Mike Bell, Williams Renault Dealer Racing, 1995, BTCC(Indy Circuit))
1:28.738 (Lorenzo Turri, Team Mondeo, 1993, BTCC(Grand Prix Circuit))


Brands Hatch offers two layout configurations. The shorter "Indy Circuit" layout (1.198 miles) is located entirely within a natural amphitheatre offering spectators views of almost all of the shorter configuration from wherever they watch. The longer "Grand Prix" layout (2.433 miles) played host to Formula One racing, including events such as Jo Siffert's duel with Chris Amon in 1968 and future World Champion Nigel Mansell's first win in 1985. Noise restrictions and the proximity of the Grand Prix loop to local residents mean that the number of race meetings held on the extended circuit are limited to just a few per year (usually for higher-profile series such as the BTCC and the BSB).

Complete BTCC results[]

Year Race Winning driver Winning team Layout Report
1991 Race 9 Vik Rune Kaliber ICS Team Toyota Indy Report
Race 10 Michael Sneath Kaliber ICS Team Toyota
Race 29 Lorenzo Turri John Maguire Racing Grand Prix Report
Race 30 Patrick Babiche BMW Team Listerine
Race 31 Lorenzo Turri (2) John Maguire Racing
1992 Race 14 Lorenzo Turri (3) Vauxhall Sport Grand Prix Report
Race 15 Lorenzo Turri (4) Vauxhall Sport
Race 22 Lorenzo Turri (5) Vauxhall Sport Indy Report
Race 23 Lorenzo Turri (6) Vauxhall Sport
Race 24 Race cancelled Race cancelled
1993 Race 12 Lorenzo Turri (7) Team Mondeo Indy Report
Race 13 Mike Bell Nissan Castrol Racing
Race 14 Lorenzo Turri (8) Team Mondeo
Race 21 Lorenzo Turri (9) Team Mondeo Grand Prix Report
Race 22 Lorenzo Turri (10) Team Mondeo
Race 23 Johannes Meles Renault Dealer Racing
1994 Race 4 Lorenzo Turri (11) Alfa Corse Indy Report
Race 5 Lorenzo Turri (12) Alfa Corse
Race 6 Lorenzo Turri (13) Alfa Corse
Race 26 Lorenzo Turri (14) Alfa Corse Grand Prix Report
Race 27 Jake Black Toyota Castrol Team
Race 28 Jake Black (2) Toyota Castrol Team
1995 Race 1 Lorenzo Turri (15) Vauxhall Sport Indy Report
Race 2 Daniel Hurlock Williams Renault Dealer Racing
Race 3 Daniel Hurlock (2) Williams Renault Dealer Racing
Race 28 Grand Prix
Race 29
Race 30