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Oulton Park


Island Circuit
International Circuit
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Fosters Circuit
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Location Oulton Park
Island Circuit course length 2.260 mi (3.616 km)
Major events British Touring Car Championship
Race lap record 0:59.702 (Lorenzo Turri, Team Mondeo, 1993, BTCC(Fosters Circuit))
1:25.098 (Jake Black, Toyota Castrol Racing, 1994, BTCC(Island Circuit))
1:35.521 (Lorenzo Turri, Alfa Corse, 1994, BTCC(International Circuit))


The track is characterised by rapidly changing gradients, blind crests and several tight corners. The full circuit is 2.8 mi (4.5 km). The highest part of the course is Hill Top. Paddock facilities are reasonable in size with large areas of hard-standing and some power points.

The race track can be adapted for shorter courses. The "Foster's" Circuit, which is 1.66 miles (2.7 km), comprises half of the "Cascades" corner followed by the "Hislop's" chicane, it then heads onto Knickerbrook and up the 13% gradient of Clay Hill to work its way round to the start/finish straight. The British Touring Car Championships uses all of the Cascades Corner and Lakeside but then forks off into a hairpin before Island Bend. This hairpin cuts out all of the Island section of the circuit and takes the cars straight back over Hill Top.

Complete BTCC results[]

Year Race Winning driver Winning team Circuit layout Report
1991 Race 11 Roy Cop Nissan Janspeed Racing Island Circuit Report
Race 12 Roy Cop (2) Nissan Janspeed Racing
Race 13 Vik Rune Kaliber ICS Team Toyota
1992 Race 6 Lorenzo Turri Vauxhall Sport International Circuit Report
Race 7 Johannes Meles Ecurie Ecosse Vauxhall
Race 8 Roy Cop(3) Team Securicor ICS Toyota
1993 Race 9 Lorenzo Turri (2) Team Mondeo Fosters Circuit Report
Race 10 Lorenzo Turri (3) Team Mondeo
Race 11 Mike Bell Nissan Castrol Racing
1994 Race 15 Lorenzo Turri (4) Alfa Corse International Circuit Report
Race 16 Johannes Meles (2) Renault Dealer Team
Race 17 Lorenzo Turri (5) Alfa Corse
Race 23 Lorenzo Turri (6) Alfa Corse Island Circuit Report
Race 24 Lorenzo Turri (7) Alfa Corse
Race 25 Jake Black Toyota Castrol Team